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We’ll create customized insurance protection for your specific food and beverage business needs with food business insurance. If an employee slips and falls while carrying a plate to their customer’s table or your kitchen staff is managing food inventory shipments to your restaurant, food business insurance will protect your business.
  • General Liability
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Professional Liability
  • Commercial Auto
  • Commercial Property

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General Liability

Bought by 95% of business owners like you

General liability insurance covers a wide range of workplace accidents and basic risks. You’ll have financial protection if someone, other than an employee, gets hurt or you are held responsible for damaging property that doesn’t belong to you. It’s often required by clients who are individuals or businesses.

General Liability can help you pay for:

Medical payments

Property damage

Legal fees and judgments

Commercial Auto

Most states require commercial auto insurance for business-owned vehicles to help pay for medical expenses and property damage. Personal auto insurance usually won’t provide coverage if you scratch a client’s car when parking in their driveway.

Commercial Auto can help you pay for:

Medical expenses

Collision repairs

Rental reimbursement

Workers' Compensation

If you have employees, then workers’ compensation will protect them in the event of an accident or illness. An employee accidentally cuts themself or falls and their medical bills are high. Worker’s compensation insurance will aid in paying the cost of the medical bills and recovery time off if needed. Workers’ compensation insurance is a required insurance if you have employees.

Workers' Compensation can help you pay for:

Medical expenses

Lost wages

Employer liability

Commercial Property

For business owners that own or rent physical spaces

If you’re a business owner who rents or owns a physical location, then commercial property insurance will assist in protecting your business’s inventory, equipment, and property if you own it. For example, commercial property insurance will financially help you if an unexpected accident happens on your property causing you to pay for property repairs costs and loss of business revenue if your business has to close for a period of time as a result until you’re safely operating again.

Commercial Property can help you pay for:

Damaged equipment and inventory

Lost income

Operating expenses

Frequently Asked Questions about Food & Beverage business insurance

As a food and beverage business owner you need the appropriate individualized insurance protection to cover you during the most unpredictable events or accidents such as: -An employee getting injured while working -A customer hurting themself at your business -Inventory expiring and spoiling -Equipment being damaged   As a food and beverage business owner, we know that there are a million responsibilities on your to-do list. We will set you up with the right types of food business insurance to relieve you of some of those responsibilities and worries. Food business insurance is here to financially protect you from those accidental and unexpected incidents that occur. The only thing we want you to focus on is a successful business, so let us alleviate you of the accidents that food business insurance can protect you from.

Food service liability insurance is focused on protecting your food business financially if a customer opens a claim against your business or if gets injured while at your business. It is common that general liability insurance is on top of the list of needed insurances when opening a food and beverage business. With food services liability insurance you’re protected and not paying out of pocket if an accident happens with a customer that you can be liable for such as: - If a customer gets food poisoning, your business can be liable for the medical bills - If a customer's property is damaged due to one of your employees, you can be a held liable for the cost to replace the damaged property - If a customer slips and falls in your business because of a wet floor, you can be held liable for the medical expenses.

Food business insurance adds a layer of financial protection to your food business: restaurant, cart, and truck in the event of an accident and other risks such as:-property damage -customer injury induced by an accident -employee workplace injuries -professional mistakes -property damage or injuries involving your work vehicles -liquor liability (liquor liability insurance)

The price of Food and beverage insurance is dependent on the following factors in order for us to give you an accurate quote: the types of services you offer and operate, the location of your business, how many employees you have and what are their job responsibilities, and number of work vehicles.


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