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Keep your condominium complex safe and secure with Condo Complex Insurance from Coverage Cowboy. Our bespoke insurance solutions cater to the unique needs and challenges of condominium management.

Whether it’s coverage for potential property damages, liability or other unexpected incidents, our team of seasoned agents will work closely with you to customize a policy that fully protects your investment.
  • General Liability
  • Workers' Compensation
  • Commercial Property

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General Liability

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Imagine you own a condominium complex, a bustling place where people live, visit, and enjoy life. Now, consider general liability insurance as your safety net, ready to protect you from unexpected incidents like if a visitor trips on a loose tile in the lobby and gets hurt. It’s like an invisible shield, safeguarding your business from the financial burden of medical bills or legal fees that could drain your resources.

General Liability can help you pay for:

Medical payments

Property damage

Legal fees and judgments

Commercial Auto

Commercial auto insurance is a must-have for condominium complexes, particularly for those that offer shuttle services for residents or employ maintenance staff who use company vehicles. For example, if a shuttle driver accidentally backs into a parked car or a maintenance worker hits a pedestrian while driving a company truck, commercial auto insurance would cover the costs of repairs and medical bills. This insurance ensures that condo complexes can provide necessary services without the worry of potential vehicle-related incidents draining their funds.

Commercial Auto can help you pay for:

Medical expenses

Collision repairs

Rental reimbursement

Workers' Compensation

When you own a condominium complex, having workers’ compensation insurance is crucial. It’s like a safety net, protecting you and your employees if someone gets hurt on the job, for instance, a maintenance worker falling from a ladder while repairing a roof. This insurance helps cover medical bills and lost wages, ensuring your team feels secure and can focus on their work without worry.

Workers' Compensation can help you pay for:

Medical expenses

Lost wages

Employer liability

Commercial Property

For business owners that own or rent physical spaces

A condominium complex, just like any other business, needs the safety net of commercial property insurance. This insurance acts as a shield, protecting the condominium’s buildings, outdoor signs, landscaping, and even equipment inside like computers or important files, from unexpected events like fire, theft, or natural disasters. For example, if a sudden storm causes extensive roof damage to your condominium complex, your commercial property insurance will step in, covering the repair costs and helping your business bounce back without a financial hiccup.

Commercial Property can help you pay for:

Damaged equipment and inventory

Lost income

Operating expenses

Frequently Asked Questions about Condominium Complex business insurance

How does business insurance protect condominium complexes?

Business insurance for condominium complexes provides a financial safety net for unexpected events such as fire, theft, liability claims, or property damage. It can cover repair or replacement costs for the building structure, common areas, and equipment. It also protects against financial losses from lawsuits or claims related to injuries or damages occurring on the property. Having the right coverage ensures the continuity of operations for the condominium complex, protecting both the business and its residents.

What do I need to get an insurance quote?

Getting a condominium complex insurance quote is a breeze! Here’s the information you’ll need to have at hand:

  • Property address and size in square footage
  • Number and type of units
  • Amenities (e.g., pool, gym, security systems)
  • Details about any recent renovations or repairs
  • Current insurance coverage, if any

Once you’ve gathered this information, you’re ready to request a tailored insurance quote for your condominium complex. Our Coverage Cowboy team is always here to assist you in finding comprehensive coverage that fits your budget.

Can I add an additional insured to my business insurance coverage?
Absolutely! It’s easy to add an additional insured to your business insurance policy to provide protection for a specific project or to meet a contractual requirement.

At Coverage Cowboy, we understand the importance of having the right coverage for your business, and we’re here to help you every step of the way. We’re happy to inform you that we offer the option to add additional insureds to your policy.

This is done to give peace of mind knowing that all parties involved in your project or contract are covered in the event of any unexpected losses or liabilities. It’s a simple process, and one of our insurance experts will be happy to guide you through it.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us, we’d be more than happy to help you add an additional insured to your business insurance policy today!
How can I get a Certificate Of Insurance (COI)?
Once you sign up and purchase your business insurance, you will instantly have digital access to your COI via mobile or PC.


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Our live and friendly U.S.-based insurance experts are standing by to help you with all your insurance needs.